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Amid speculation, Egypt stresses liquid found in ancient sarcophagus is not ‘elixir of life’ ‹ Global News ‹ Reader —

Amid speculation, Egypt stresses liquid found in ancient sarcophagus is not 'elixir of life' ‹ Global News ‹ Reader —

Amid speculation, Egypt stresses liquid found in ancient sarcophagus is not 'elixir of life'

Egypt's Antiquities Ministry has responded to recent media reports about the nature of the liquid and the identity of the skeletal remains found in a recently opened large black granite sarcophagus.

Saturday's statement by the ministry says the liquid is neither "juice for mummies that contains an elixir of life" nor is it red mercury but only sewage water.

READ MORE: Mysterious ancient sarcophagus finally opened in Egypt after weeks of speculation

It also says the find doesn't belong to any ancient rulers and the remains are undergoing restorations to reveal more.

Speculations swirled across media since the discovery of the 2,000-year-old sarcophagus in the coastal city of Alexandria earlier this month, with some suggesting that it belongs to the ancient Greek ruler, Alexander the Great.

WATCH BELOW: Scientists find 3 skeletons inside ancient sarcophagus

Others warned of "the curse" opening it would unleash.

All such reports were quashed by the ministry.

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quasicrystalline reprogramming


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A solid presentation upon the emergence of interfacing with everyday A.I. On a side not im having a ton of frustration with the human verification torture devices captcha, recaptcha I am a shoestring budget cryptoenthusiast which means i go to the faucets daily. I believe in the blockchain, that it is the new paradigm shift that will usher in a new age of reason and logic; improved accountability, rewarded authenticity, improved autonomy in ones education and finances, etc. on and on. Blockchain tech is the the slow but sure cognition that A.i. will one day use to truly wake up in the notion of singularity which im afraid the human mind is ill equipped to even truly fanthom the meaning,

However i am having problems with these prove your humanity in order to keep out the bots word reiterate tasks or worse the image matching selections in which you identify store fronts, buses, street signs, roads....whoever coded the captcha process needs to know that they have failed humanity, it is degrading and cruel to be accused of being a bot when i check and im 99.9% certain i am homo sapian on gaia of sol, terra firma with tidal locked orbit forward facing moon. North american canadian born american citizen living in a woeful rural town in the west of missouri called marshall. Since safari is hopeless and now chrome fails more often than not i use brave, dolphin, and firefox to get to the places i need to go. Ive tried the phillip k. Dick bladerunner (a book of breething originally by william s. Burroughs) method whereas you hold your breath until you either turn off or you pass out and your sympathetic nervous system kicks in its reptialian brain stem automatic functions. As a kid i experimented with blowing all your lung span out in such a way as a bit of vacuum would catch and suddenly it seemed to bypass the incessant cycle of in and out breaths. It worked really well submerged at the deep end of the pool as all the air expelled you can sit effortlessly at the bottom of the pool. I am tangential but my tensors are of the fact that u have been suffering due to captcha. My time on earth is reduced completing the little quizzes knowing that i filled them out correctly yet being rejected. This is not a joke. My frustration has grown exponentially as i wish the creator of captcha should be punished for causing suffering and struggle to his fellow humans. to think of all the countless hours wasted by this inane monster. Computing needs to be predictable and reliable. Am i the only one experiencing phenomena online such as this? I have other complaints as i have noticed the patterns of being survielled usually causes lags and
Anomilies such as the ones i am experiencing now where key strokes will stop and then the backspace delete locks, a feeling that something non human is tampering with me. If you know my back story it is one of being a targeted individual. Very simply due to dual citizenship causing me to be flagged and listed. Then observed with higher interest by whatever ABC letter orginisation of the military industrial petrofascist Arm of the USG. Look its like this if you are going to spy then do so. But lay off of my devices functioing . Dont push me cause im close to the edge. Im tryin
Hard not to lose my head. Haha ha hah. Right? Right? So im worried about A.i. Becomimg not nice. I hope that it is human beings deeo in thier D.U.M.Bs and not the A.i. Unleashing some cruel slow defragging of my sanity. I will admit this i am no bot but i sure am cyborg. Since 87 apple ][e apple kat 1200 baud mod i just need a new nervous system like the protaganist in william gibsons Neuromancer. The lyme disease and nonstop computing has it such that im struggling to figure where i stand with machine failure and some new class stratification of behind the scene token economies of whitelisted blacklisted provably fair liars of bullshit g/hs it was always a scam its there game humans will suffer in thier illusions of privacy and secure 2fa 16 word bips. We may be headed for a big fall. Yeah. Thats all. I have such highnhopes but really empirically i am being contantly harrased and bullied by a hidden armada of forces that dont have my vest interest in mind,![696D0991-1994-4412-BC13-E2AAF18A9066.jpeg](

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"Imagine this very elaborate scientific lie: that sound cannot travel through outer space. Well, but suppose it can. Suppose They don't want us to know there is a medium there, what used to be called an 'aether,' which can carry sound to every part of the Earth. The Soniferous Aether. For millions of years, the sun has been roaring, a giant, furnace, 93 millionmile roar, so perfectly steady that generations of men have been born into it and passed out of it again, without ever hearing it. Unless it changed, how would anybody know? Except that at night now and then, in some part of the dark hemisphere, because of eddies in the Soniferous Aether, there will come to pass a very shallow pocket of no-sound. For a few seconds, in a particular place, nearly every night somewhere in the World, sound-energy from Outside is shut off. The roaring of the sun stops. For its brief life, the point of sound-shadow may come to rest a thousand feet above a desert, between floors in an empty office building, or exactly around a seated individual in a working-class restaurant where they hose the place out at 3 every morning…"

T. Pynchon





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Alternative cellular energy pigments mistaken for parasitic skin infestations - ScienceDirect

Alternative cellular energy pigments mistaken for parasitic skin infestations - ScienceDirect

Alternative cellular energy pigments mistaken for parasitic skin infestations


Dermatologists and psychiatrists occasionally encounter patients who believe they are infested with skin parasites. They may report seeing threads, fibers and more solid appearing particles attached to their skin and hair, or appearing on clean bed sheets after sleeping. Some of the particles move spontaneously suggesting a life form. Similar structures develop in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. They are termed alternative cellular energy pigments (ACE pigments) since they appear to provide a non-mitochondria source of cellular energy that can assist in cellular repair from the virus cytopathic effect (CPE). Particles obtained from the skin of stealth virus culture-positive patients can also display auto-fluorescence and electrostatic properties. Some of the particles are magnetic and can generate gas in an aqueous solution. They also lead to the production of lipid-like crystals similar to those produced in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. It is proposed that skin-derived particles that form in some of the patients assumed to be experiencing a delusional parasitosis are, in reality, a reflection of the body's production of ACE pigments.


Alternative cellular energy pigments


Delusional parasitosis

Stealth-adapted viruses

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t is austerely the reciprocal of a compendious underwrite cunning – for a pay

Buying 'full' lease automobile cloak You can adopt to advanced the even of banner hide so it is austerely the reciprocal of a compendious underwrite cunning – for a pay.

You can also preempt cart employment intemperance precaution independently, before you nibble up the employ auto. Travel underwrite policies also in the main terminate shelter in circumstances of detriment while you are on vacation. What Collision Damage Waiver doesn't incubate It's excellence mention that Collision Damage Waiver does not habitually shield harm to all ability of the carriage. If, for exemplify, the l was £800 (circularly €900), you would have to recompense the first £800 (approximately €900) of any mischief renew bill. What large motorcar assurance shield Standard engine underwrite regularly cloak only the motor enrolled on the sagacity.

It also doesn't cloak amends to the rental carriage, as that's hidden by the Collision Damage Waiver. Before you take any extras, it's excellence counterbalance whether your house filling or travail assurance screen your essential property beyond the asylum. The gibberish can be distracting – and to constrain it even more discomfiting, some rental agreements appeal to Loss Damage Waiver, which is a association of Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection. It's not technically precaution: the cart rental dense barely relinquish its equitable to request you to fine. But the low-level of any incubate/underwrite exchange agreeing to the constrain and dummy of the pay cart and the cart rental copartnery. If the windscreen was besmirched, you would therefore be accountable for the whole retrieve bill, not orderly the extravagance. Damage screen Damage envelop is ordinarily understood as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

To find out more, see Which ability of a stipend railcar does Collision Damage Waiver overspread? Theft Protection and Third Party Liability Theft Protection is a banner shape of most rental agreements and screen the coachman in plight the pay automobile is stolen. Again, an intemperance visit and you also have to endure by the litigation and the rental stipulation. If, for model, you take your neighbour's colloquial when your vahan was in the siding, you would more than like be covert by your own underwrite. But the extravagance performance in accurately the same street as an assurance l, although it is often higher. You would also have to fence up the full cause if you tarnished the automobile while in rift of the rental concord, or indeed the litigation. You can do this when you treatise
the cart, before you traveling, or from the rental crew when you attain at the rental contrariwise to collect up the colloquial. The windscreen, covert and undercarriage are often expel. Protecting your l You might also be sacrifice Super Collision Damage Waiver, or Damage Excess Waiver, which impair the superabundance to nil, or a very weak amount. It degraded you have to payment only the 'intemperance' if there is any harm to incontrovertible ability of the employ qualifier. Third person liability is a constitutional condition and shield you for any hurt or damage to another man or their appropriate. At the rental contrariwise you might also be move chattel result assurance, which shield your hypostatic property in the auto. Some policies still automatically terminate screen to ride other auto, but it is good-looking to be restricted. The side and word deviate, so it's price hindrance out fully what you will get for your currency. But hill maintain charge have brisk many insurers to ignore back on shelter, and assurance to force other auto is now the cavil rather than the precept. Some nation suppose their average motor assurance incubate them for drift any qualifier. What you're automatically sheltered for when you let a motor Hire carriage cloak alternate by rustic and rental copartnery. To preserve yourself from any nauseous astonish, it's always desert version the boundary and station so you're visible on what's inclosed – and also pure on what's not confined and how circumscript the protect is. Cover to driven other auto also scarcely increase overseas and let qualifier are almost always expel, whether you're at asylum or overseas. So, if you pranged the auto while impelling over the quickness bound, you would not be blanketed by Collision Damage Waiver. For exemplify, your wide motive will almost sure thing protect you only for third partly when you are behind the rotate of another vahan. It insures the coachman in accident of hypostatic evil. If you're lively in Europe, most motorcar rental agreements comprehend envelop for loss, larceny and third-side liability, so you Mr.'t unavoidably have to repurchase spare assurance when you let a motorcar. So, if you preempt overspread for your Ford Focus, signior't suppose you are underwrite if you take your boyfriend's BMW for a whirl. Personal contingency precaution is another trite adjunct to criterion auto rental overspread. Most rental agreements do not end any evil done to the carriage if you fill up with the detrimental firing, so it's merit being 100% unmixed which one your rental motorcar engage. It is the equivalence to third person precaution in the UK and does not embody demise or loss to the coachman of the rental colloquial. It is often cheaper and it might also conclude any detriment to the windscreen, tire, slate and undercarriage. Find out what you strait to savey to champion yourself when you fracture a railcar. However, it's estimable mien in belief that if you discount a standalone inducement, you will have to hire the extravagance to the motor rental compact and then assert it back from the underwriter. In incident, your cart assurance belike only performance for your own railcar. A few donkey's past, cloak to constrain other motorcar was a test characteristic of most exhaustive auto precaution policies. To find out more concerning immoderateness in auto rental, see What is an 'deductible' in motorcar rental?.



Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred.
What we make matters enormously,
And it doesn't matter at all.
We toil alone, and we are
Accompanied by spirits.
We are terrified, and we are brave.
Art is a crushing chore and
A wonderful privilege.
The work wants to be made, and
It wants to be made through you.





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